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Video art and Animations

The effort to animate own visual images born by the mind and then transfer them to the world is one of the most astonishing challenges of  humanity


The video advertising of the online magazine of Art&Design

La Frimeuse

Animated Abstraction

Do you think that everything in our life is as an even #road, the once chosen #path? Or the existence in this world is a constant search for oneself, for new opportunities, for following for own #ideas, for realizing personal ambitions, where one straight #line is divided into many segments, sharp corners and closed lines. All of these elements are attempts to find the meaning of life, own place in it, #harmony. Be that as it may, we must believe – our life is not a labyrinth, full of dead ends with only one exit, our earthly path has many doors, where perhaps you are expected. Knock and it will be opened for you.

Inner reality

At one night you could try to peer inside yourself in your dreams. My be they reflect you own inner reality and true desires. Let them inspire you for just the finest things.

Silk winds

Sometimes I am tempted by silk winds to follow them

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